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Practice Areas

Trial Litigation

Our litigation practice provides practical counsel to our clients throughout the process with one objective, achieving the goal at a sensible cost. It takes experience and dedication to litigate a case and successfully shape a dispute for trial. The Strain Morman Law Firm has various clients, ranging from corporate clients to injured individuals to persons whose civil rights have been violated. Our clients rest comfortably with the Morman Law Firm guiding the process, whichever form of litigation, arbitration, or mediation.

Personal Injury

If you have recently experienced physical injury, you may find yourself buried in medical bills, lost wages, and excruciating pain. Suffering from damage caused by someone else means you may have the right to acquire compensation for the pain and issues you’re dealing with. Our legal counsel is experienced in representing the following cases: motor vehicle accidents, premise liability, slips and falls, assault, sexual assault, and much more. Find justice for your pain with our team of dedicated personal injury attorneys.

Business Transactional

Our corporate and transactional practice utilizes the knowledge base of our internal personnel and attorneys on a wide area of commercial and transactional matters.
Representative services include:

  • Corporate Transactions
  • Intellectual Property
  • Tax Planning and Compliance
  • Real Estate
  • Mergers and Acquisition

Corporate Creation

With our diligent legal services on your side through corporate transactions and affairs, you will never miss steps or document filings that could cost you in the future. Our team is experienced in helping individuals create a corporate entity and deliver all necessary filings to establish their company. We can guide you through different LLCs, business plans, financing, and more to get you started on creating your corporation.

Probate & Estate Planning

When your loved ones pass on, you want to ensure their protection. Our attorneys have experience in probate processes, including trusts, wills, estate planning, and more. We are committed to providing you with honest and thoughtful advice that will leave you much more comfortable and at ease. Whether you need assistance creating a will or controlling assets, we can help you understand documents and adequately file.

Real Estate

Navigating through buying, selling, or using a property is an extensive process. We can help sellers and buyers through financing and lending. Our team also has experience handling title and boundary disputes, which can be complicated for property owners. If you need guidance through any real estate transaction or dispute, count on our seasoned attorneys to acquire the outcome you desire.

Tort Action

If you have dealt with an altercation that has resulted in harm or injury, allow us to represent you properly through trial. Actions in tort are civil cases, as opposed to criminal cases. An injury due to negligence can be accidentally spilling boiling water on a customer or wet floors, causing someone to slip and break a hip. We are ready to help you through any case and provide you with effective representation to acquire the results you need.

Criminal Defense

Our criminal defense practice provides aggressive representation for people charged with crimes. Licensed both in Federal Court and State Court in South Dakota, the Strain Morman Law Firm members will give practical, global advice on any criminal matters. We will aggressively work to obtain the best possible result either through trial or negotiation for your criminal problems.
Criminal Practice Group Attorneys, Michael W. Strain

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